So you’re looking for something to get for your mum for her birthday, but you’ve absolutely no idea what to get her? It’s extremely daunting trying to impress your mother with a birthday gift. And if your mum is anything like mine, she’s pretty darn hard to impress! That’s why I came up with a fool-proof list for a mother’s birthday gift. These are Printcious‘ top gifts and presents for mother’s birthday.

Family book album
It’s pretty hard to capture memories physically anymore. Everything has gone digital. And even though you can keep pictures in your phone or computer, it’s just not the same having one in a physical album. Gather up some of the best family photos and compile them into an album. If you’re too lazy for that, there are companies that does photobook services.

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House slippers. 
I am a strong believer of wearing slippers in the house. For one, I hate having to check if my feet is dirty before I put them on the couch or the bed. Two, having something soft and fluffy to walk in is pretty sweet! Get your mother a pair of these Uniqlo house slippers. They’re not too expensive and pretty comfortable if I can say so myself.

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Jewellry box
Organization is key to keeping a home clean and tidy. There’s nothing more aggravating than having things out of it’s place, even if they’re made out of diamonds. There are a variety of jewellry boxes out there to choose from. Some are designed to keep things neat and space efficient. But if your mum has enough space on her dressing table, a beautiful designer jewellry box is perfect. If you don’t have enough cash for this, round up some money from the siblings and ask dad for some sponsorship!

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Specialty soap
I assure you, your mum is way too busy thinking of what detergent to buy and the groceries to have time to pamper herself with some nice for herself. This is where you come in to save the day. Women love smelling nice and fresh, so why shouldn’t your mother! I think specialty soaps are quite nice to have. If you’re going to an event, having a that extra something while getting ready adds a little significance to the occasion. If you’re not sure what brand to go for, check out Bath and Bodyworks now available in Malaysia!

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This is a gift for her, and also her home. Mother’s, be it a full professional working mum or a stay at home mum, they love decorating the home. As they say, home is where your heart is. So if you could help her with anything, it’s best you start from base. Find the type of artwork that she loves and get it framed. It doesn’t have to be an expensive art work. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful posters out there that would do the trick. But if you can get a nice canvas painting, even better so.


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