It’s a special day when your brother met the girl of his dreams and is finally going to settle down. To show your support and blessing towards his journey of becoming a husband and possibly a dad, get him gifts that will remind him that even if he is an adult now, that doesn’t mean he can’t have any fun! Read Printcious‘ top 5 wedding gift ideas for brother.

Everyone needs a cool leather jacket (it doesn’t have to be real leather! Plus faux leather is much cheaper). If he’s going somewhere cold for his honeymoon, then this is the perfect wedding gift for your brother!

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Manly bottle opener
Boys love beer even after they’ve grown up to be a man. Bottle openers has changed a lot over the years. You can find novelty bottle openers that can fit in your wallet in sites like If you’re lucky, they come customisable too.

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Cute pot for office
With great husband powers come great responsibilities… like paying the bills. But there’s nothing wrong with livening up his office. And nothing says alive like a cute little pot of flower.

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Stock up their fridges while on honey moon
You know the worst part about a holiday? Coming home to an empty fridge. You’re tired, you’ve been out the whole week and you just wanna chill at home but there isn’t any food to eat! Stock up his fridge when he’s gone and believe me he’ll be very thankful.

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Cooking class
You know what annoys the hell out of any wife? A husband that won’t pick up the load in the house. Unless they have a live in chef, your brother’s cooking skills might keep the wife from throwing fits at him. You know what they say, happy wife happy life.

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