The skies were cloudy on that day signaling that there was going to be a heavy rain but for the marathoners at Score Run, the weather didn’t dampen their spirit but instead, it only fueled their spirits further. Praise the Almighty above, apparently, the luck was on our side. It didn’t rain on that day. Guess that these runners were lucky after all. Score Marathon Run the Night which commenced on 13th April 2019 featured a debut of run for 42km and over thousands of runners participated in Dataran Putrajaya. Men and women, young and old all gathered together for an epic marathon event. There were also children present making the event more memorable.

Printcious was fortunate to be a part of this historical event for this marathoners. We know how important a marathon can be for the runners, hence, we participated in a way that we know that these marathoners would be able to relate the most; we provided a service for the runners to engrave their own name on their medals. With only RM 10, the runners can have their name, time or anything they can think of engraved on these medals. Isn’t that exciting? The best part of all, they can choose to engrave their name at the front or at the back. Want to have both of their names and time engraved together? Easy peasy, just add another RM 5 and voila, your medal will be the most precious item you can have with your own name on it.

Let us take you on our journey through these cool photos and the photo of our happy customers showing off their medals!

Flag off started at 6 pm! Look at how excited they were and so were we! Our team was ready and at your service! 

Have we mentioned that we also provide a free photo printing service? Look at how our customers were eager to print their photo? Just upload your photo to our website and you are done. We will print them instantly!

The Score Run event was such a fun event! Blasted music accompanying these runners, cheery laughter can be heard here and there and high spirited runners, all with a single goal in mind; to finish the finishing line and get that dazzling bling which awaits them at the end. 

Check out the night of the event as the runners swarmed our store to get their medals engraved.

They look gorgeous, don’t they?

Behind the scene photo of name engraving.

It was such a great day and we had a blast! And we believe the same goes to the marathoners as well! Thank you for trusting our service. 

Here’s some of our customer’s compilation photos with their medal engraved and their printed photo.

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