Almost everyone all over Malaysia is affected by the stay-at-home directive or MCO implemented by the government on 18th March this year and ever since that event, we saw a massive difference that forever changes retail businesses in our country. Due to social distancing and the fear of getting infected, many chose to purchase essential items online. If you love online shopping, continue reading.

Although Covid has restricted numerous economic activities, it is clear to say that it has created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their business online. With retrenchments and salary reduction, many try to open an online business but feel clueless and don’t know where to begin.

Understanding anything in life, starts with its definition and concept.

So…What is online shopping exactly?

online shopping in Malaysia

According to Wikipedia, Online Shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app.

To put it briefly, we open a merchant’s website, make a purchase and the e-retailer will arrange delivery. Sounds simple, yet many fail to understand what’s marketable online and what’s not. The traditional way of purchasing will soon completely be replaced by online shopping and for those who are still “in the dark” on what to sell online, this article is a must read for you. 

Leading Marketplace in Malaysia (Where to sell?)


Well-known for its memorable advertisement featuring famous personalities such as Phua Chu Kang and BlackPink, Shopee is one of the most used retail apps in Malaysia. Founded in 2014 by Garena, Shopee actively presents itself on social media channels and offers a user-friendly interface which has made them more popular than any other merchant apps in Malaysia.

As for selling on Shopee, the concept presented is simple, easy to understand and the straightforward style makes it effortless for anyone new to online business to navigate through. You can also sell as a private individual or as a corporate entity, and what makes Shopee special than other merchant apps are the zero commission rates.

Shopee Marketplace


Founded in 2012 by Maximilian Bittner, this Singapore-based multinational tech company is another marketplace that you can consider when starting your business. It offers a great user experience with its minimalistic design and colorful graphics, making the shopping experience easy and smooth. Lazada allures customers with features such as installment options for their purchases and same-day deliveries.

As for becoming a seller, it charges a commission on each sale you make. The commission is only deducted when an order has been delivered and the client has paid.

Lazada Marketplace

5 Most Sellable Products Online (What to sell?)

1. Fashion

An industry that will never die, because everyone needs clothes! Besides, with different styles and trends, it can be sellable to any type of target market or group that you as an entrepreneur chose.

At the moment, loungewear is in huge demand. People just want to be comfortable (yet, stylish) amid these uncomfortable times. Comfy and soft t-shirts are always a great choice when relaxing at home, plus with cute, funny, or fandom graphics that you love, it adds more meaning and value to them.

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2. House décor

During this time, our home, our four walls protect us from the dangers of the world and keep us safe. As you do your outside activity at home, you began to realize how unorganized and un-updated your house is, which leads to a home décor frenzy

Adding small changes to a boring corner of your house can make a huge difference and of course, you don’t need to spend hundreds for an updated décor. Canvases of arts, cool graphics, and quotes can make your white walls feel more vibrant. While as for your bedroom, having a new cover and sheets can change the look of your room from drab to fab, plus customized throw pillows on the bed and the living room couch are enough to transform your whole space.

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3. Beauty and Health Products

With salons closed for much of the year and restrictions on social distancing giving little reason to get dolled up, the relationship with beauty maintenance for some of us kind of reached existential crisis in 2020

But, a lot of us realized to some extent that maintenance is key to looking good, that’s when the demand for beauty and health products reached its highest. With a lot of time at home, some use this opportunity to take care of their skin, hair, and overall health in general with at-home-friendly products. Covid-19 does not stop people from taking care of their appearance and the demand for beauty and health products will never go down.

4. Tech and Accessories

Working from home for many of us is a new thing. Not everyone is equipped to work at home with gadgets and software used during work at the office. Not only for those who work, but students also must upgrade their internet connection for Zoom classes and fast assignment submission. Some buy ring lights and tripods to produce better content on social media.

With new gadgets, comes new accessories such as phone holders and cases, which is also in high demand.

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5. Sports and Leisure

For fitness enthusiasts, keeping the momentum continuous is important for them to reach their desired goals. As gyms and recreation parks close, more people buy exercise equipment such as dumbbells and yoga mats to break their everyday sweat.

As for parents, to keep the little ones entertained and away from tablets and phones, board games, painting kits, and jigsaw puzzles are bought in bulk to keep them occupied throughout their free time.

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In a nutshell, if you are keen in online shopping and planning to start an online business, sell products that are relevant during this time. Think about how the pandemic has affected people and how their needs may have changed. Many online stores may feel the need to add medical and cleansing supplies as it’s hard to ignore the massive boom that’s being seen among those products online.

But thinking from a different angle or perspective that helps people adapt to this new way of life and practicing consistent marketing can lead you to build a business that has long-term growth and potential.