Take delight and inspiration from PAPERPLAN’s interpretation of folklore and fairy tales. Follow PAPERPLAN on their journey to all places wonderful and dreamy.


With four amazing designs on Printcious Designer Marketplace, PAPERPLAN is coming in with fire in their eyes and great accessories to boot.
Their first four illustrations from their Alphabet Series “A” to “Z” girls paired with flora and fauna have strong yet delicate quality to them. (The whole series is yet to be added to their designer store. So, keep checking for updates!)
These girls are absolutely feminine yet one can’t help to wonder what stories they have to tell. It’s truly an amazing gift to be able to tell stories through dots and lines.
Visit PAPERPLAN’s store to get something for the women in your lives. Remind them of their value because they deserve it!
Also, if you’re interested in selling designs that empower women please head on over to our Printcious Designer Program page to learn more.