You might have not been the most affectionate husband, or the most romantic, but you can make it up to her on her birthday. Birthdays are special. You celebrate someone’s birthday to show appreciation for their existence. Sounds daunting? Don’t worry I’ve got the solution for you. These are Printcious’ top 5 birthday gifts for your wife.

1. Flowers
No romantic gift is complete without flowers. There is a special connection between women and flowers. Flowers are delicate and beautiful, just like how you’d describe a woman. You can pair her birthday card with a bouquet of flowers or if she has a beautiful garden, but another pot for her collection. If you’re looking a flower delivery service, check out Printcious’ review on


2. Jewellery
If the last jewellery you got her was that rock on her wedding finger, it’s about time you get her some bling. Women love jewellery. Anything small, pretty and expensive is a female’s best friend. You might think having jewellery is a treasure, but having a man with a sense of style is a rare artifact. If you don’t know what kind of jewellery to get her, you’ll never go wrong with necklace or bracelets. But make sure before making the purchase, pay attention if she prefers silver or gold!


3. A cook book journal
I remember the most exciting gift my mother gave me was this notebook filled with unreadable scribbles and sauce spills.  It also contained her most kept secret recipe. She gave it to me before I moved out of the house and I kept that book close to me like a bible. A cook book journal is what every wife needs and it makes a great gift to pass on to her daughter (or son) one day.


4. House decoration
If the man builds the home, the woman protects it. Yeah sure it’s common nowadays for both genders to be breadwinners in the family, but you have to give your wife some credit for keeping the home clean and cosy. Your wife puts in a lot of effort into keeping the house as beautiful as it can be, but I’m sure if she had extra cash, there are more things she would like to have changed or upgraded. To show her your appreciation to her hard work, get her something nice for the home, preferably something that she’s wanted for a while.


5. A beauty basket
There is a lot of effort put in to keep up with her beauty. The stress of being a mother and a wife has put a toll on her complexion. If you don’t know where to find these beauty baskets, head over to a Sephora near you and pick out a value set that she’ll use. Be warned, don’t opt to take her with you when you’re picking out beauty gifts or you’ll be stuck there for hours!



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