It’s that time of the year to do some shopping for Christmas gifts and you’re probably running out of gift ideas. The deadline to hand over your gift exchange is days away and you’re desperate for something that’s not completely dumb. Well I’m to save you from your social disaster. These are my top 5 perfect Christmas gift ideas.

1. Journals
The saying goes that a journal is the forte of writers as it provides a space to write out thoughts, ideas, stories and poems in times of inspiration (or for some people perspiration). While a journal might seem like a great idea for friends or family that loves writing, it’s also a great gift for people that loves keeping organized. From shopping list to daily-to-do-lists, they can draft out their daily goals in order.


2. Outdoor activity
A gift not remembered is not much of a gift after all. For a gift worth remembering, you could plan an event for a group or just the both of you for an exciting outdoor activity. From an exciting adventure of water rafting and caving to rock climbing, you could find great deals online from websites like Groupon and RedRibbonDays.

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3. Travel Adapters
For someone that loves to travel, they might appreciate a universal USB travel adapter. If you can’t leave home without your phone, you sure as hell can’t travel without one. To save you from worry about what adapter you need to carry with you to which country, a universal adapter takes care of that for you. I recommend Skross World Twin USB charger as it has sliding plug mechanism to not clutter your bag space with multiple plus and it could charge two USB at the same time. You could find this in your local Mac stores and Harvey Norman.


4. Inflatable car bed
Speaking of travel, don’t you wish you could hook your bed up in your car when you go on road trips? Well now you can. Sort of. With an inflatable car bed! Technically talking about gift ideas here so you won’t be the guy with the amazing inflatable car bed… but at least you’d have first dips in riding at the back! Remember to take turns at let the driver have his rest though.


5. Gift cards
Gift cards are like angpows, but cooler. Unless specified otherwise, you wouldn’t get someone an angpow else gift exchanged will be an angpow cycle of doom. Boom. You opened the Pandora box. He now gets you a RM100 gift card, and you’ve been giving him RM50 gift cards. Do you upgrade from RM50 to RM100? So much pressure for one bloody angpow. Gift cards are a little more personal and there are multiple vendors that provide gift cards such as Starbucks, H&M and even Zalora.