Your sister could be your best friend or your worst enemy. But one thing for sure is that she’ll always be your sister. Weather older or younger, sisters will always be your emotional refuge. Sisters will always teach you that no matter how tough you are, it’s okay to cry. She’ll also show you how to get fall with grace and keep your chin up as you get back on your feet. For these reasons, show your sister how much you care by getting her a gift. Read on for Printcious’ top gifts for sisters.

A pet
When you get a person a pet, you’re not just getting them an animal. You’re giving them an opportunity to learn responsibility and a friend. Pet’s make a great gift for someone you’re really close to, like a family member or your significant other. Please don’t get a pet for a friend. If you’re keen on this idea, opt to adopt a pet from places like


An organizer
A girl has too much stuff. She has something for everything! If she’s struggling with keeping things in place, get her an organizer for her room. This ranges from jewellery stands to little drawers for her cosmetics. You can find all these in your nearest Daiso store, or you could make one yourself!

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Cute stationery supplies
For the most part, girls like having cute things around. Stationeries might seem like an insignificant gift to give someone, but if you think about it, it’s pretty smart. You’ll always need to replenish your supply of stationeries and if you’re still studying, you use it every day. If you’re looking for stationeries as a gift for your sister, check out these Korean stationeries sold online in Malaysia at

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Hobby supplies
When buying a gift, it’s always best to know their hobbies. For example, if she loves drawing then get her a nice sketchbook or a new drawing tool. If she likes sports, get her a cool jersey or shorts. If you don’t know what’s a good gift for her hobbies, try doing a little research online.

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A girl’s room is her personal space of femininity and awesomeness. To be able to decorate her room into her dream bedroom, is well almost too good to be true. But with a little help, you could bring her a little closer to her dream. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, it just has to be her style. From picture frames to table lamps, anything that can be used in the bedroom is a perfect gift for your sister.

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