You know what the best part about birthdays? You get presents. Unless you get someone terrible presents. No one likes terrible presents as much as no one likes the guy giving away terrible presents. So why be the guy that gives terrible presents when you can give awesome presents? If you’re in a position where you don’t know what to give someone on their birthdays, Printcious has picked out the top 3 birthday present ideas that will never go wrong.

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1. Tumbler
From a gym addict to a lazy girlfriend who loves lying in bed the whole day, a well-designed or attractive tumbler makes an amazing gft. “Why?” you ask? Because everyone needs to drink! If you’re getting it for a girl, get her a cute tumbler with a sassy quote on it. There are a large selection of tumblers to choose from. You have the traditional tumbler that has a make-shift cup, the tumbler with a straw for icy drinks and sippy cups for the lazy drinkers. This range of selection makes it easy to pick out what suits the person you’re giving the gift to. If you’re wondering where to find these cute tumblers, you can get them on Typo’s online store.


2. Earphones
Because everyone loves music but no one wants to listen to yours. Everyone listens to music, from your grandmother to your little brother (maybe not an infant little brother, but you get the point). Everyone wants a nice convenient pair of earphones. Some adults prefer microphone enabled earphones for an easy handless call experience while others just want to listen to music. To buy earphones for great deals, check out Lazada’s headphones and headsets section.

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3. Calendars
If your friend or family doesn’t have a calendar, get them one! It’s no wonder they’re always out of date. Calendars are great to know what day of the year it is and also mark important events. Sure it may seem pretty old school, but calendars make a great deco for the room too. If you can’t find any online, you can always design and customise your own calendar then print it out!