I don’t know about you but when it comes to gift giving I don’t like losing. I can’t take it when my boyfriend gets me a gift and it’s more amazing than mine! So I’ve spent enough time researching what boys would love to have as gifts. Read on for Printcious’ perfect gift ideas for boyfriend.

Portable solar charger
If your boyfriend loves doing outdoor activities like camping or jungle tracking and he doesn’t have an access to a power outlet. The best gift ever is the gift of sustainable energy for your electronic devices. Get him a portable solar charger just like this cool Switch 10 Recharger.


source: goalzero

Bellroy iphone 6+ card
It’s a weird phenomenon where a females will always carry more than she needs and a man will carry less than he wants to. If he doesn’t have to carry a wallet around, he would! And thanks to Bellroy that’s possible. Check out this phone case for iPhone 6+ where you can store cash and one card.


Food bouquet
You know how you like bouquets of flower? I’m sure he’ll finally understand why you love bouquets when he gets one of his own. But instead of flowers, it’s a bouquet of fried chicken! If you’re struggling with stuffing fried chicken in a form of bouquets, you can try gifting it in a basket instead.

Image source chicken-basket.com

Sock has went from a basic garment to a fashion statements when the industry boomed in 2014. It dresses up a pair of brown slacks and polished loafers. And one can never have too much socks! So for the next gift giving occasion, get your man a stylish pair of socks.

Image source cstylejeans.com

Toy models
Boys will always be boys and boys love toy models. Be it trains or miniature buildable models. If you get your man a model of something he likes (e.g; cars or trains), you might just win best gift of the year.

Image source designmuseumshop.sg