Girls love getting gifts and men don’t express their feelings like women do. When that happens your girlfriend might feel like she’s underappreciated or neglected. But as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Read more for Printcious perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend.

ID holder
A designer ID holder is a wonderful gift for your girlfriend. If she’s working, she could use it instead of her standard office lanyard or even wear it to university classes. It’s especially great for women that takes great pride in how they look.If that sounds like something you’d like to get her, check out these Kate Spade New York ID Holder.


Orbitkey Organizer 
Have you seen the inside of your girlfriend’s handbag? That’s an abyss where you simply can’t find anything! It’s more so annoying when you’re looking for your house keys. This Orbitkey Oranizer keeps your keys aligned together. No fuss and less clutter!


MIPOW Playbulb Candle
Is your girlfriend the kind to love candles? I know I do. But the problem I have with candle is that it does not last as long as I’d like it to and even if it did, it could pose a fire hazard. But if you have a digital LED candle like this MIPOW Playbulb Candle then all these wouldn’t be a problem. Plus, digital LED candles usually have customisable light colours and settings.

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Outer wears isn’t the most traditional gift to give your girlfriend, but it makes sense. It keeps her warm and cosy like a hug! And if it’s stylish, then that’s a bonus.

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Chocolate and flowers 
And if all fails, a box of chocolate and a bouquet of beautiful roses always does the trick. And if you want to surprise her, get a delivery service to send it over to her office just because you’re thinking of her.

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