Are you tired of your boyfriend constantly bragging that he gave you the best gift last year? End his annoying gloating this year by having a head start on gift shopping.

  1. Steak
    The fastest way to a man’s heart through his belly. And if we’re talking about food, he’s probably thinking steak. Nothing makes a man salivate more than a delicious fat juicy slab of steak. My recommendation is Jake’s Charbroil Steak at Medan Damansara. But be wary! A good steak always comes with a heavy price (and by that I do mean the bill).
  2. ATV Adventure
    If your man is the kind of guy that is an outdoorsy person and enjoys basking in the sunlight with an adventure ahead, he would definitely enjoy the ultimate An ATV Adventure by For RM220, you will get an experience that is guided by a professional and friendly guide. They will brief you on the guide to use a semi-automatic 160 cc bikes. This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime for your man!
    Atv, Quad, Jump, Cross, Enduro, Motocross
  3. Smartphone
    If you’re looking for something new for him to play with, I suggest the OnePlus X. It looks like an iPhone, but it works as an android. The best of both worlds! The beautiful design, tip top performance and a clean software makes the OnePlus X a gadget worth looking into.
  4. Romantic notes
    Here’s a more romantic solution for a gift if you’re watching your purse. Compile a list of why he’s awesome and bind it into a little book. If you’re not sure what to write, remember the little things that he does for you to make you feel good or what you like best about him. Tip: things like “I love how you do the dishes and don’t wait for me to do them” would work to your future advantage, even if he doesn’t do the dishes very often!
  5. DIY T-Shirt
    Got yourself a geeky boyfriend? offers affordable bundles of geeky items. Subscribe to them for any number of month and they’ll send your bundle over to you! Their items range from sculptures, books and T-shirts. The downside is that they don’t deliver to Malaysia. Alternatively, you can opt for where you can upload geeky graphics onto a tshirt (color mug, magic mugcushion, throw pillow, jigsaw puzzle, ceramic tile, mousepad or canvas) and order for it to be printed!
  6. Tie
    A man can never have enough ties. A tie speaks class and elegance… things that our man can’t say for themselves at times. So give your man a hand and invest in a beautiful sleek tie.
  7. Hoverboard
    One of the most raved gadgets of the year- a hoverboard. He might say he doesn’t want one, but don’t be fooled, he want’s one just like everyone else does, but just don’t want to pay for one. And that’s where YOU come in.
  8. Fan Merchandise
    Do you know his favorite superhero? Bring out the fanboy in him by getting him a little trinket for Christmas. There’s just something about men and owning miscellaneous objects. Here’s a tip: get him a miniature statue. Try not to get something too big or it might start cluttering up the home. These could be easily found on Amazon or eBay, however they might take a while to deliver, so plan ahead!
  9. Video Game
    Fallout 4. Three syllables, one game. Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated shooting game to come out in 2015. If your man owns a PC, xbox or a Playstation, there’s a chance he’s wanting to play Fallout 4. If you’re not sure where to buy a physical copy, you can buy the digital copy on Steam. Make sure he hasn’t already bought one for himself though!
  10. Backpack
    Is your man particularly disorganized? Does he dump his stuff in your handbag whenever you’re out? If you have replied “yes” to the above then he probably needs his own backpack. Depending on his characteristic, you should get a bag according to his style. Sleek leather backpacks are usually a fail-safe. Try to avoid buying bags that are too sporty to avoid him from looking like a teenager.