Sisters might be a pain in the neck, but you wouldn’t trade her for the world. If you have a sister, you might find that you’re luckier than you think you are. Sisters will always be there for you, no matter how lame or annoying she might take you for. Deep down, your sister loves you and she might just be too caught up with her “dramas” to show it. But if you have your sister as a best friend, you’re in luck. You just got yourself a partner in crime forever. Show your sister how much you mean to her by getting her something special for her. These are a Printcious’ top personalised gifts for sister.

Phone Casing
Don’t come in between a girl and her accessory unless you want a black eye. Girls love dressing things up and down – even her hand phone! Check out this beautiful “Colourful Pattern” design. If she likes geometric designs, she might just like this.
Does she love taking selfies? I don’t know girls that don’t. Even if she hates selfies, give this to her as a funny gift! This “Selfie Invert” t-shirt will appear to read the word “Selfie” in picture.


This “Relationships Are Like Fat People. Most Of Them Don’t Work Out” is perfect for a sister that just broke up with her boyfriend.


If you’re looking for something for a younger sister, get her something that she can decorate her bedroom with. Go for something soft and cute, and you’ll never go wrong. Just like this “King Spectacle Bear” cushion!


Mini tee
Mini tees make a cute way of decorating a car. If your sister just got herself her driving’s license, this is a great congratulations gift! “Win Already Lor” is funny and meaningful. Can drive already, win liao lo!