It isn’t always easy to keep up with buying presents. Sometimes it’s best to have backup presents in your storage during gift-giving emergencies. But what present can you get that almost anyone will like? Well Printcious has the solution for you. We’re going to give you three top customisable birthday gift ideas for last minute birthday presents.

1. Mugs
Everyone needs their own mugs, I can’t stress this enough. It’s not about germs or being selfish, it’s about principals! That’s MY mug that I get to use when I need to drink something and no one else can hog it. And what’s better than having your own mug? One with your name on it of course! Getting someone a mug is a great gift idea because it’s versatile. You can use it as a holder or to drink. Some people use it as a decoration. If you’re getting something for a girl, I suggest the “Happy Birthday Wish” mug. It’s simple yet chic. Alternatively the “Happy Birthday Wishing Lots of Love” mugs never fail to impress.


2. Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles are a beautiful and simple way of decorating your house and giving it a modern vintage feel. You can opt to go for the traditional ceramic tile designs, or you can go for these modern chic designs. Check out this “Cute Birthday Greetings” design as well as this “Happy Birthday with Flower” customised ceramic tile.


3. T-Shirt
Prance around in this “I Don’t Have Birthdays I Level Up” t-shirt on your birthday, or make the birthday boy/girl wear this! Leveling up is a method of progressing in games, so it only make sense that this is a gamer birthday present.