Ready to jazz up your sister’s life with a few personalised gifts? Look no further. Printcious has got your back. Continue reading to see what’s in our store that may be the perfect gift for your soul sister.

For the artsy lady
Always original, always expressing her individuality, your artsy sister will love a good floral motif phone cover. But if flowers aren’t her thing, fret not. You can also customise phone covers here at Printcious. You may use one of your sister’s art pieces to make it more personal and unique. Plus, it’ll also score you more sister points for appreciating her artwork.

For the gym geek
One thing for sure, motivation is what a lot of gym goers will appreciate. This microfiber cushion is not only comfortable enough to sleep on but also has the words “EXCUSES DON’T BURN CALORIES” printed on it. What else can help increase your sister’s determination better than sleep and exercise? If you’d like to change things up, you can print the words “SWEAT IS FAT CRYING” instead.

For the music lover
A quirky and cute zebra with a red acoustic guitar is sure to put a smile on your sister’s face. With Printcious, she can stay comfortable all day in a Gildan’s Unisex Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. It’s breathable and long lasting. Another great idea is to design a typographic print with the words of her favourite song! It will be sure to improve her jam sessions.

For the tech girl
Your technology loving sister will have come across a HTML <br> tag at least once before. If you have no idea what <br> means, it’s a HTML tag that inserts a single line break; kind of like pressing ‘Enter’ when you type. This mug is great for holding strong coffee or an iced latte depending on the drinker’s mood. It’s pretty great as a decorative piece as well!

For the trendsetting woman
Ceramic tiles is the way to go if you’re looking to have something in print and have it last for a good long while. What all trendsetters have in common is the ability to lead and pave the way. Let your sister know what you think of her with this minimalistic ceramic tile available here at Printcious.