Are you looking for a more intimate and personalised gift to give your boyfriend? Or maybe you’re more keen on giving him a DIY gift? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Printcious provides custom gift ideas and these are a few of our top recommendation gifts for your boyfriend.

1. T-shirt.
Couple T-shirts are quirky and romantic. You can opt for something simple such as this “MR.” and “MRS.” t-shirt, or upload pictures or graphics of your own liking!


2. Mousepad.
Aren’t you sick of boring mouse pads? They usually have ugly designs or overly cartoon-y styles. Why not make your own? If you’re a silly romantic, you might like this “Quotes About Love” mousepad. If you’re looking for a more practical mousepad, Printcious has calendar prints to tell the date such as this “Better to See Something Once” mousepad. Now, he’ll never forget the anniversary date!


3. Phone casing
Phone casing these days don’t come cheap. For the most part, they don’t even have the style you want! Now imagine the option to change phone casings like your screen wallpaper? You can simply design graphics with his name or initials on it, print your memorable pictures together or alternatively select cool designs from the Printcious graphic gallery!


4. Custom cushion
When you’re away for a long trip and he has no one to cuddle, get him something to hug that reminds him of you, like a customised cushion! From a simple “I love” graphic to a picture of yourself (or if you’re not as vain as I am, a picture of both of you instead with this “Custom Wedding Photo“), he might cope with your leave a little better.


5. Customised mugs.
Customised Mugs are versatile gifts. He could use it to drink his hot beverages or use it to hold his stationery or even hold his toothbrush! Either way, a mug would serve as something he would keep with him in his daily routine and having it personalised would remind him of you often too. Consider these “Sensuous Lip” design to remind him of kisses or this “You and Me” mug.