Are you looking for a anniversary gift for your husband? Or maybe it’s a birthday gift for him. Printcious provides you customisable gifts ranging from romantic and humour designs. These are a few personalised gift ideas that your husband might like.

1. T-shirt
Statement husband t-shirts never get old… especially if it’s making fun of you! Show him you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself with this “Dear Zombies, please eat the wife!” t-shirt. Remember, personalised gifts are never about the product itself, it’s about the message you’re sending. And if you feel like he’s been a darling all year long, he deserves the “Awesome Husband” t-shirt.


2. Mug
Is there anything better than waking up to a delicious cup of coffee? How does coffee and giggles in the morning sound? Get him a mug with a silly graphic on it and he’ll be bound to start the day with a smile. Plus, whenever he takes a sip of his coffee every morning he’ll always be reminded of you. If he’s the self-praise kind of husband, he might like this “Charming Sexy Boring Funny” mug. If he’s the more romantic kind, consider this “Happy married” mug.


3. Cushion
Here’s a gift that’s a little more thoughtful. Print motivational quotes or romantic notes and have them printed on a cushion. He can use it as a back pillow or pillows to keep at the back seat. Remember to leave a note like “when you miss me, hug the pillow and think of me” for extra romance points. How about a cheeky “I make cute kids” cushion to boost his ego? Or a more romantic “You’ll always be mine” cushion.


4. Puzzle
This might sound a little odd, but personalised puzzles do make cute gifts. You could quite simply upload your wedding photos, family photos, or heck his favorite pet and get it printed on a puzzle. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, use the text tool on Printcious and write him a love letter. He would then literally piece up your words together and make sense out of it all. How romantic is that?

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5. Ceramic tile
Photo frames and cards from hallmark has been done one too many times. How about getting him something different for his work desk such as a customised ceramic tile? You could get a lovely note that he could see every day to keep himself motivated just like this “Have a nice day” ceramic tile. Or you could get family photos printed on this “Custom ceramic” tile too! That way, he won’t feel so alone at work.



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