You thought buying gifts for your mum’s birthday was hard? Trying getting a birthday gift for your dad. Every year I save up for my dad’s birthday, I end up just getting him a tie. Now he owns more ties than he does his shirt! Well on the upside he’ll never run out of ties to wear. But that’s not the point. Buying a gift for you dad shouldn’t be difficult. It should also be special. That is why Printcious came up with gifts perfect for your dad’s birthday.

For his birthday, get him a cool dad-themed customised t-shirt. For all the times that your dad has saved your life, this is the perfect t-shirt to showcase exactly that. Check out this “Keep Calm and Call Dad” t-shirt. I know for the most part, your dad is pretty lame (especially when he tries to be cool!). But for the most part, he is quite the gentleman. For your gentlemanly dads out there, get him this “I Am A Gentleman” t-shirt.

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Mini tees
Is your dad a football fan? I know most dads are. Well if he likes football, he might like this “Kedah Football Club” mini tees. It shows patriotism by supporting the local football team and the fact that he’s a hardcore football fan! If you can’t find his team in our selection of Mini tees, you can customise your own using our customisation tool and create one for his favourite team!


There are perks for being an “old man”. For one, he did get to rock out to the coolest rock stars back in the days. Check out this “I May Be Old But I Got To See All The Cool Bands” mug. A mouthful, but quite the conversation starter with the boys at work. He can reminisce and talk about the good times he had at rock concerts.


Is your dad’s office looking bare? Does it have a boring and grey feel to it? Well here’s a way to give it a hip urban feel, and it’s not going to take much space or cost. A Mousepad brings out the desk’s accent. If you want the room to have a more urban feel without compromising the overall professional outlook, get him a simple black and white quote customised mousepad, like this “Love Is A Quality Not A Quantity



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