It’s mostly sunny in the land of Kangaroos nowadays but Christmas ain’t Christmas without the cooler weather. Thanks to the many layers of clothes we’ll need to put on, we do a double take on whether that Christmas shopping is really worth getting up and gearing up to brace for the outside world. As days to prepare for Christmas dwindles down so does the temperature. Is that present really important….?

It is! Hold steady, lads and lassies, for we have the solution for your weather woes! You can bundle up at home and still get that last minute shopping done from the tips of your fingers. We’re sending the best Christmas gift inspo to your home so you don’t have to waste precious time and heat outside. Brrrrring it on!

1. Gift for the Travel Enthusiast


When spring has sprung and the snow melted off the pavement, everyone will start to emerge from their isolated caves to soak in the sun. Are you or someone you know about to travel somewhere in 2017 for the much needed Vitamin D? Do you find yourself sometimes confused about bag ownership because all these bulky luggage look the same? Then this gift is an essential item!


Never lose your bag or confuse your luggage on the airport baggage belt with these customised bag tags. Coming in several designs, colors, and fonts to choose from, these bag tags are ideal for anyone of any age. Their designs are professional enough to keep you looking dapper and still keep your bags in check. It’s almost as if the traveler is about to embark on a mountaineering journey.


You can also get these adorable bag tags for kids. With the bright color options and cute character designs, children school bags will always look cheerful and promises fun times for them at school. School days won’t be the same! No more children confusing their bag for one another because they can see their names printed on the bag tags. Get your travelling essential right here.

2. Gift for the New Family Member


Studies have shown that babies and toddlers who use a baby comforter are significantly more likely to sleep through the night than those with no comforter. When a child forms an attachment to a comforter (such as a blankie or soft toy) she’s able to use it to self soothe, which is essential if she is to learn how to sleep through the night without calling for you. So everyone gets a good night’s sleep.


So now you know the importance of baby comforter and how it aids new parents in trying to adapt with their new addition, why not get one for your friends or family members? Not only do these baby comforters come in multiple designs and colors, you can also customize the baby comforter to be embroidered with a name, setting it apart from other standard designs.


By adding such a lovely and personal touch, this gorgeous design will remain a favourite for years to come and will make a wonderful keepsake for when this little bundle of joy is all grown up. Whether you’re a new auntie or a close friend make sure you’re their favourite from day one with this embroidered comforter. Get your cute baby comforter right here.

3. Gift for the Lovely Chocoholic

Chocolate in many forms have always been the favorite gift for many special occasions and we can’t deny that we too love to give and receive the sweet treat. So what could make something already enjoyable much more special, aside from adding flowers and greeting cards, that is? Customization, of course! Not just any customization but a one of a kind wish you can send with the chocolate.


Make the gift much more personal with a touch of your own message and the receiver’s name. This Christmas, remind your loved ones that you still love and miss them dearly. Though you won’t be able to accompany them and hug them close, send them lovely wishes through sweet treats like these personalised chocolate bars.

Look at these cute designs and tell us who wouldn’t love to receive a personalized chocolate bar during the festive season? Hide it under the tree or maybe serve the surprise along with a mug of eggnog, the creativity is up to you. So get yourself a personalised choco bar here.

4. Gift for the Funky Collector

Remember those dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down? Please don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that for Christmas. We think Chucky has taught us quite a few things about dolls that look a little too real for life. What we are suggesting however is definitely related to lying down and closing your eyes for a quick nap.


Introducing! A pair of socks with customizable soles. A stylish and fun pair of personalised golf socks with a quirky golf flag motif. Socks are almost an obligatory gift – always an absolute favourite! These lucky golf socks are even greater with an option to personalise them with a name making them a really meaningful gift. Give an extra little bit of luck for golf fans, for those skills in putting, chipping and driving. Get the customizable golf socks here.


How about a pair of quirky personalised cat socks? Rejoice, cat lover,s with these personalised kitty socks. These socks are the perfect gift for any household with a furry four legged feline member. Socks are always a favourite gift during the colder season and these cute socks are printed with a purrrffect cat sketch which can be personalised over both feet. A gorgeous gift for any cat lover with a fashionable black and white print they are on trend, distinctive and a twist on the traditional sock! Get the cat lover socks here.


Okay, let’s be real; is there anything better than a lovely afternoon sleep? Well we wouldn’t be caught doing anything so indulgent… it would only ever be a very efficient cat nap. Promise! The message on the soles is only visible when the feet are up and the wearer, very relaxed. With socks always an almost obligatory gift for birthdays and Christmas, this personalised pair is great fun for someone who loves sneaking in a quick nap! With on-trend black and white, typography and cute cat face symbols these socks are something really special that always bring a smile. Get them here!

5. Gift for the Custom-made Collector


Here comes the last but not least gift inspiration just perfect for your Christmas needs. Ever find yourself having that perfect image & wish you want to gift but just couldn’t find the correct manifestation of your thoughts? Ever scrolled through thousands of generic gifts online and offline only to find that nothing is good enough to be gifted to your loved ones?


That’s where Printcious come in to save the day! We provide an online design tool for customers to customise their personalized gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions and many more easily online for occasions such as birthdays, weddings or corporate events premiums. We aim to be one of Asia’s largest gift sender so we can advocate the beautiful culture of gift-giving and to foster the relationship among each other for a harmonious society.


Unlimited to customizing just a few gifts, you can actually customise all of the gifts available on Printcious. So what makes customizing all these gifts so special? It’s because you are given the chance and creative freedom on however way you wish to adorn your gifts. They can have texts and graphics and anything else you can think of adding on your gifts.

Best part about custom gifts? You don’t have to wait for a reason to send the gifts. Any reason is a good reason to show your love for friends and families. So now that you’ve seen our top 5 Christmas gifts that are customisable and can be shipped to Australia, what will you be buying? Customized gifts are all the rage now so don’t miss out and start getting your own unique, one-of-a-kind presents for the holiday seasons.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a jolly good time!