Looking for gifts for your brother? Want something customizable? Need something affordable? Look no further. Printcious has got you covered.

I’m the Big Brother
If you’re someone like myself then I totally understand how annoying it can get when your older brother says “That ice-cream* is mine because I’m bigger.”  There won’t be a time he’ll let you forget it.
*subject to change i.e. last chocolate bar, largest piece of chicken nugget, etc.6
Decorative Men with Idea
Get your brother a gift which promises comfort and some protective qualities. A mouse pad not only gives a work space a sense of individuality, but it also helps keep things smooth and protects the surface of the desk from scratches made by the constant usage of the mouse especially with gaming (or rage quitting).
Animal Face
Jigsaw puzzles are beneficial to one’s motor and memory skills, but they’re also fun. Grab one of these for your little brother for him to while away his free time. And if the whole #fambam’s up for it, you could order a bigger sized puzzle with a more intricate design so everyone can spend some time together while bonding over which piece fits where.
Gametoys Costume
If you brother is one of those people who appreciates all things retro, then have a look at our Gametoy Costume phone case which greatly resembles the very nostalgia-inducing Game Boy video game device.
Stay Focused and Never Give Up
“Always have motivational sayings up on your wall,” someone once said to me. It’s true; they help you channel your energy toward achieving your goals. I think that a cushion with an eye-catching encouragement is a great way to get out of a rut and add some extra pizzazz** to the room.
**not to be confused with pizza although we wouldn’t mind some