Looking for a wedding gift for a groom can be quite difficult especially when you’re on a budget. This is a very special day for the groom and the bride, so make sure your wedding gift for the groom is sentimental. But what’s a point of a gift if it isn’t usable? Check out Printcious’ personalised wedding gift for him.

This is for the groom that is a gym junkie, and a friend with a sense of humour. If he believes that working out is a great exercise not only for the body, but also the spirit and the mind then this “Relationships Are Like Fat People.Most Of Them Don’t Work Out” is the perfect gift for him.


This “Groom And Love” t-shirt is a great gift for the groom to wear while helping out with the reception before the special day. In case doesn’t know he’s the groom already (and maybe he’ll get special treatment), this will reassure his title.


Some people take weddings too seriously, but not this iPhone 6 cover! This is the perfect gift for your male friends that officially started their new “job” and a new “boss”. This “Under New Management Just Married” is the perfect gag wedding gift for him.


Are you looking for something that he can keep displayed whilst he gets ready for the big day? This “Groom Survival Kit” is essential for every groom that wants to make it out of this day alive.


Okay okay, enough with the humour wedding gifts. How about something sweet like this “He Asked” cushion? Unless she proposed to him instead, this will make a heart-warming reminder about how he proposed.