First off, let’s be honest. How many times have we ran out of ideas and ended up buying the same ol’ gifts every year for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions? (Many times, guilty as charged.) Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right? Here is a guide to show your sister how much you care for and cherish her with these gift ideas.

For the sister who pampers you
They say it’s only right that you scratch my back if I scratch yours. So, if you find that you’re always getting spoiled by your sister, it’s high time that you return the favour. And what better way to spoil someone than with an amazing, amazing bath?! Handmade (sometimes even organic) soaps are all the rage now. The scents range from the very feminine and sweet Vanilla Bean to something more musky and earthy like Sandalwood. There’s a scent for everyone! Plus, don’t you think these handmade gems look so pretty?

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For the sister with an independent spirit
Looking for a gift for a woman who’s tough as nails? Why not try some kickboxing classes? It’s the perfect opportunity for her to test her limits and, at the same time, sweat off some stress. It’s a fun activity that she could do alone or with someone else (even you!) and it’s bound to be an experience of a lifetime. It’s no wonder that kickboxing is such a widespread pastime.

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For the sister who’s a savvy traveler
You can give your sister the gift of comfort as she captures some of those beautiful #nofilter selfies while still looking fashionable and effortless in a chic knitted cardigan. Besides, even if she isn’t one for selfies a warm shawl will help make all the difference as she steps across borders around the world. A cardigan or jacket will warm her right up on a cold airplane, so you can be sure she’ll be forever thankful. A soft cushion will also prove to be a perfect complement to the shawl.

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For the sister with a youthful heart
You may not always wear your heart on your sleeve but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t occasionally let your sister know how you feel. A delicate necklace easily conveys your affection for her in the most sisterly of ways as it drapes loosely down the neck and is perfectly accented with a gold heart pendant.

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For the sister who has an appetite
It’s a popular belief that sometimes the best way to a show your appreciation is through a good and hearty meal. Here in Malaysia we have a wide range of gastronomic adventures awaiting you. So head on over to the fancy gastropub you both have always wanted to try or stick with a long time favourite eatery which brings meaning to ‘the proof is in the pudding‘.

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