If you didn’t know already, Printcious was the sponsor for the Contenglah 16’ held at Makespace, Quill City Mall on the 2nd and 3rd of April organized by Do You Doodle – Malaysia Facebook Page. We not only sponsored the event, we were part of the event too! We were surprised by the turnout and needless to say it was a great success.


During the event artists from all over Malaysia shared their talented artworks for auction. They also had talented doodlers going off at the doodle battle. A doodle battle is where artists go toe to toe with each other and doodle on a huge canvas. The best doodle wins!


Multiple vendors were present during the event. Some sold their artworks, others sold art supplies. Printcious however provided free instant customised button badge printing for all attendees. One Facebook account for 5 free button badges.


We were pleasantly surprised at the artistic talents of the attendees! From children to seniors, everyone had fun doodling on our button badge papers trying to create their own customised button badges.


Button badges aside, we had something amazing to announce during the Contenglah event. We were proud to announce Printcious’ Art Contest!


We invited Kendylife to explain the benefits of Printcious for artists. To put illustrate what we could do, we showcases Kendylife’s artworks on our products!


To enter our art contest, go to the Printcious Art Contest webpage. Get your 3 artworks approved you’ll be receiving RM100 gift vouchers from Printcious!