1. Fresh content entices the eyes
As public would know, we’re all very visual creatures and anything flashy would definitely capture our attention. That’s why you should always make sure to setup your store with cover page and avatar that raises everyone’s curiousity. Paint an intriguing story that will keep your fans waiting and holding their breath for more.

2. Become a storyteller
There’s a certain art to pulling people into vivid imagination and that’s why words are just as important as pictures. Your visual captures the eyes but let your words capture the heart. So describe the journey people will go through when they visit your Designer Store in your store description.

3. Variety is the spice of life
Don’t limit yourself in your creations. No one’s ever created an impact by staying in their safe space so it’s time to push yourself out there for that spotlight! Let the world know of your capability and paint the town in rainbows! Let the variety of your designs and products show your ability.

4. Life is an adventure
Have you ever wondered about how cool that one artist is? It’s time to do something about this admiration (or infatuation, we don’t judge) right now. What’s that, you ask? That’s exactly what you should do: ask! Ask fellow artists for a collaboration project and watch as your fans implode in excitement. Venture into complementing each other’s works, weaving your art together.

5. Updates completed, restart now?
Have you updated everything today? Never leave outdated information for potential customers and fans to find, that might turn them off. Make it easy for fans to contact you so you know what the masses want more of and where they can indeed find more of you.

6. Royalty fee, here we go!
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