Thank you Chinapress for believing in Printcious and featuring us in full spread! It’s always annoying to not know what to get for your friends and family during the festive season without being generic. That’s why twin brothers Vincent Tong and Henry Tong founded Printcious, an online gifting solution.


A wordplay of the words ‘Print’ and ‘Precious’ created Printcious where we believe gifting with art is gifting with heart. From zero to a small shop behind food stalls and finally an online shop, Printcious is aiming to grow bigger and achieve higher milestones that would make Malaysia proud.

A few fun trivia for everyone to take inspiration from: the co-founder, Vincent Tong, proposed to his wife with 81 ceramic tiles printed with the photos from the first day they met till the day he proposed and co-founder Henry Tong printed his own set of 12 canvas pieces to witness the 12 months growth of his baby.


So why choose Printcious as your gifting solution when there are so many other shops around? Printcious online design tool is similar Photobook’s in which it is simple and easy to use for all ages. Printcious allows your to customize the products online at no minimum order quantity.

Aside from that, Printcious also has a Designer Marketplace to host artworks from many designers ranging from local to international talents. Given the chance to set their own royalty percentage, designers get a minimum of 30% royalty fee each time their product is sold.

So what are you waiting for? Printcious is definitely the answer of many and it should be yours too! Head over to today for special discounts and wonderful gifts.

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