Halloween is here! What better way to spice up the parties than to have a few jack-o’-lanterns chilling on your couch? Get these menacing cushions for your October decorations right here from one of our designers, Yuli Yap.

Ready to go trick or treating? Not without a huge bag to contain all the sugary goodness you’re about to get! These non-woven bags are the perfect companion for even the fiercest costumes. They’re customizable to fit your theme for the night.

Serve your drinks hot or cold but don’t forget to make it special. Spook a friend with a scary face popping up from the magic mug. Be careful about what’s in the mug next. You’ll never know what might pop out from your drink!

Rest your glasses and bowls on the gaping rib cage of a lovely girl. Not for the faint of heart, these eerie coasters are ready to grab onto your utensils until you’re ready to pick them up again. Also available in the cute pumpkin version.

Looking for a quick last minute ensemble but can’t figure out as what? Print out a superhero emblem on our shirt and pair it with a billowing cape (blankets work too, we’ve figured this out). Voila! Your outfit is now complete.


The Printcious Penguin is dressing up as a witch this Halloween. So far, he’s gotten candies from every department in the office. He believes he’s scared everyone into giving him some (but we all know he’s the sweetest penguin). Because our non-woven bag is too big for him, he’s settled into carrying a polymer mug around. It works for him and his sweet tooth as long as he’s getting candies and chocolates.


How about you? What are you dressing up as on this All Hallow’s Eve? Tell us all about your Halloween experience ;D