Blogger review by Aliza Sara.

Hello again, and this time im back to share to you about how to get your custom designs done from Printcious. If you heard about Printcious, you can always refer back to my ‘Valanetines Day with Printcious‘ post to get a brief introduction on their services. And in this post, i’ll be bringing you through my shopping experience of purchasing something for myself. Woohoo!

As you enter the site, you will notice a create button on the top left, followed by categories to choose from. Printcious provides services to custom your own tshirt, mug, cushions, phone cases, ceramic tiles, puzzles, mouse pads and mini tees! In my case right here, i decided to choose to make a custom cushion.

Once you click the cushion tab, it will bring you to another page showing various options on what you want to do. If you’re not interested in buying yourself a no print pillow, you can follow the steps on i did by clicking the customise it button.

When you click the customised it button, it will bring you to another window showing you exactly what you see in the above picture. You have your own options to add text, add image, or anything else, as long as the system recognises the file format.

I didnt want to get too complexed, so i decided to just add an image which was already in my desktop. So all you need to do is to click add image, upload your desired image, click your selected image and insert it to the editing page. Once its in the editing page, you can decrease or increase the size based on your liking within the green box.

Once youre happy with your design, add it into your cart and confirm your purchase by proceeding to checkout. You may be required to fill in your address, select a shipping method, and payment method during your checkout. If all the procedure went smoothly, you will receive an email to inform you that they’ve received your order! On a side note, i had to pay an additional RM8 on shipping since my purchase was below RM75.

I think its great that they’ll also notify you once your parcel is delivered so that you’ll know when to expect it! Just on a personal side, i received a phone call from them saying that my image sent was pixelated, and they requested me to send another picture with higher resolution. THIS SERVICE was the highlight! I dont think many similar providers would take the effort to give you a call to inform you that your image is pixelated. Good job Printcious!

The moment of truth!


The parcel arrived after 3 working days, and i have to say that it was really fast! And of course, my cushion came with an inner microfiber which looks like the image above. I wasnt a fan of the inner microfiber, but thankfully the case is not attached to it, which means i can change the inner to my preferred cushion!


40cm x 40cm // 20cm x 20cm print area.


The size was exactly as how it was described on the website, and i was really impressed with the print! I decided to get white, cause it matches easily with anything at home. The print quality was really good cause i was initially expecting a stick on kind of print, but this was as if the cloth was printed together with the design. MAJOR LOVE!

The actual photo of my cushion pillow!


And there you have it! Liking my new pillow throw pillow for my bed? hehe. I dont know about you, but it adds a little hipster feel to my home with quotes like this. It defeats the hassle of looking for a pillow with my preferred quote. LOL. So, thank you for spending your time to read my humble blog. Till my next post! To order your own custom design, you can always head to to order yours today!

Sara xx