Blogger review by Princess Neverland.

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to send a gift to myself (Trust me, girls can find all kinds of excuses to shop haha!) If you read my this and this post then you will know that I like personalized stuffs very much. As what you can read from the title of this post – everything with my name on wins and I’m serious with this! I really like the customization service from¬† and yea, I ordered my very first customized pillow from their website!

The whole customization process is as simple as ABC, let me show you how easy it is to design your own pillow!

On Printcious, you can customize your own T shirt, mug, pillow, puzzle, ceramic tile and mouse pad!

First of all, you need to choose the colour of the pillow. You can choose from 10 colours including white, purple, light sky blue, black, brown, orange, red, pink, yellow and green, just name it and Printcious has it!


I wanted something different and so I chose a black cushion, it looks very classy and chic doesn’t it?

Next, you can start designing your own pillow! You can either add text or image to the white region. I had a hard time on deciding what image to put on my pillow, I just can’t make a decision! I really want to make my pillow unique and special, the one and only pillow that belongs to Princess Neverland!

Tada! Here is my customized pillow from Printcious, very cool right? I love it so much! The design is exactly the same as what I have designed on their website, I was really surprised that the quality is so good. Look at the print, it’s so vivid and clear, it’s absolutely value for money!


I also like the texture of the pillow case, it’s silky smooth so you don’t have to worry about lint problem.

It looks very stylo doesn’t it? I just can’t move my eyes away from this chio pillow!

Interested in getting a personalized pillow for yourself too? Wait no more! Hop on to and start designing your own pillow!