Some of you might not have Photoshop or Illustrator to edit your images. But little do you know that you can edit your images online… FOR FREE and NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED! This will give you an added advantage as a Printcious Designer.

In this article I will teach you how to remove the background of your images so they won’t appear on your products.


These are the tools you’ll need to edit your images:
1. A computer
2. Internet connection
3. A scanned copy of your illustration

First thing’s first, go to and launch the web app. When you do, I’ll look something like this.

1. Open your scanned image from the computer.

2. Once you’ve done that, you might want to adjust your image so your drawings are darker and the background brighter. In this process, I adjusted the saturation to 0 so everything will appear in only black and white. Then I adjusted the sketch to appear more black and the paper to look more white.

3. Then, you’d want to click on that lock button till it looks like a tick mark. The tick means it’s unlocked. If it’s unticked, it hides your image.
4. Now go ahead and select the wand tool on the left hand side.

5. Now, click on the background! You will see a button on the top that says “contagious”. To select all colours similar to the background, untick “contagious”. To change how much you want selected, raise or lower the “tolerance” value. A lower value will select less, a higher value will select more.
6. Now once you’re happy with your selection, hit that “delete” button on your computer!

Rememeber to save your image this way in .png format. AND YOU’RE DONE!

Check out the before and after!