Birthdays are not always a happy affair for females. If she’s under 25, then birthday’s are great! That means cool parties and awesome presents. But if she’s over 25, that’s when life starts sinking in and she knows her biological clock is ticking. Well you know what they say, there’s always a silver lining. As birthdays pass by, we get a year older a year wiser. For your sister’s next birthday gift, get her something to commemorate or assist her into womanhood. These are Printcious’ special gift and present ideas for sister.

Meaningful Jewellery
Meaningful jewellery are usually jewellery that you can customise, such as lockets. Lockets are beautifully designed with intricate details. A locket is always a safe gift to give someone close to you, such as a sister.

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A Passport Holder
You know the best part about growing up? It’s about discovery. Get her a passport holder when she goes traveling overseas so everything she holds it, she thinks of you.

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A SmartTag
On the scary journey to womanhood, a SmartTag comes in very handy. If she’s going to start work this year and she’s expected to drive through a toll, get her a SmartTag. It’s very convenient if you’re done with waiting in line.

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Books About Womanhood
No one is prepared to be an adult. When responsibilities and expectation comes, it comes alongside fear and anxiety. While no one can be 100% ready to be a grownup, we can always research and do our best to be ready. Get her a book that can guide her through this journey and maybe this journey isn’t going to be as bad as she thought it would.


A Handbag
This seems materialistic, but just as adult men needs a suitcase, a woman needs her handbag. A handbag isn’t only a carrier to keep our personal belongings, it represents maturity and style. You don’t spoil her by getting her something very expensive (unless you want to), get her something simple and stylish. If you’re looking for handbag’s for your sister, check out

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