I think the most common mistakes girls make when buying gifts for their boyfriends is that they don’t put much thought into it. You might be caught up in creating something romantic and cute that it’s almost made by you, to you rather than by you, for him. Sure making something cute is adorable, but remember you’re doing this for him. Your gift must be both meaningful and memorable while maintaining the elements of romance and mystery. If you’re looking for birthday gift and present ideas for him, you’ve come to the right blog.

1, Cologne
If you think your boyfriend is simple and carefree and he doesn’t own a cologne because he doesn’t want one, you’ve got it all wrong. Just like we wear perfume, a man feels empowered when he puts on his cologne. And just because he doesn’t wear it as much as you do doesn’t mean he doesn’t find the importance of smelling good, it’s quite the opposite. He takes it seriously that he will only wear it for special events. If you don’t know what he likes already, one day take him window shopping and see what he likes.

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2. Savoury cupcakes
Men love food. As my mother once said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Learn to make food he likes and he’s yours forever! If he has a sweet tooth by all means whip him up his favourite cupcakes. But if your man is anything like mine, you got to come up with a savoury solution. If you’re not familiar with savoury cupcakes, check out this version of savoury cupcakes!

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3. Watch
A watch is very personal gift. Why I love giving men watches… especially if they’re always late! “I buy you watch so expensive also can late one?!” It’s not just the nagging privilege I like, I also enjoy my man looking well dressed. A watch seems to complete the look of a man. When getting a watch for your boyfriend, make sure you know his style, or a style that compliments him.


In-game gold
For all you girlfriends that has become refuges because your boyfriend has gone into the digital world of online games, this is the one time you don’t get to nag. It’s hard, I know. But it’s his birthday! Figure out what his favourite game is; Dota, LoL or CSGO, there are bound to be in-game items that he’s been eyeing for a long time. Alternatively, you can just buy him MOL points here.

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Privileges are always a great thing to have, especially if it means HD movie streams or music streams without advert interruption. One of my affordable subscription picks are Spotify and Netflix. to be able to have music on the go without the hassle of digging through the internet and downloading them into a playlist for just RM15 a month is very hard to turn down. Netflix is also a great subscription for you cinephiles out there. If you’re curious about Netflix, check out their one month free subscription and see if you and boyfriend like it.