Birthday’s are a great excuse for splurging on someone you care for. You might be the kind of guy that always spends on their girlfriend, or the kind that keeps your wallet on a tight leash. I’m a firm believer that presents aren’t about how expensive the present is, it’s about how much you know the person and how you show them they’re special to you. With that said, this is Printcious top 5 gifts for girlfriend.

1. Love notes
Love notes are special because you’re writing down feelings from the heart. Not to sound sexist, but I know most men don’t know how to express their emotions (and women express way too much!). So take this time to tell her how much she means to you. If you want something different and creative to write, compose 12 “Open when…” letters, one for each month. For example, “Open when I’m away” and my personal favourite “Open when you’re mad at me”. If you want something fun write, create love vouchers such as “Redeem date night”!


2. Plush toy
There’s nothing that says unrealistic love like the love of a girl for her plush toy. I’m not sure if there’s a science to why girls love cuddly cute objects, but there is a science to giving a soft toy to your girlfriend. Let Dr. Sara explain it to you. When you’re far and away, she’s probably stuck home alone missing you clinging on to her pillow like a koala. You think you can’t comfort her from miles away but you’re very much wrong. If you get her a huggable sized teddy bear and spray your most used perfume on it, she’s subconsciously think of you every time she hugs that bear. Who said science can’t be sexy?


3 Promise ring
Do you know why rings are used to represent promises? Because there is no start and end to a ring. It goes on and on, just like a promise. That’s what she believes love to be, eternal. There are plenty jewellery stores that does embroidered rings and it’s not going to cost you much for a pair. Just remember to get her ring finger before you do so though!


4. Shared journal
This is a little old-school but still very much relevant. The art of pen to paper has been unpopular since the rise of digital expansion. But there is some truth to having an emotional connection when writing on paper. A shared journal is where both of you write in one journal each, then swap it at the end of the day, week or month. You’d be surprised the things you express and things she’s going through by just reading her intimate thoughts.


5. Outing
If you can’t tell already, I believe that gifts should be personal, not digital. Take her away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the distraction of social media and the internet. How long has it been since you’ve spent the day, not with her and your friends, not with her and you scrolling through your hand phone? Great activities to do together are camping, barbecue by the beach or an extreme outdoor activity.