Getting a gift for your brother is really not as hard as you think it would be. Boys, unlike men, are much easier to please. Far as long as it looks cool and does cool things, it’s going to be cool. Having to gift to my brothers for the past 20 years, I could just be an expert in this field. But you be the judge. These are my top 5 special gift ideas for a brother.

1. Gaming headset / ingame currency
If your brother is a gamer geek, he might appreciate a good headset. A word of advice, do a little research before you get one for him. Prioritise comfort and audio quality over fancy brand names. If getting a gaming headset is out of your budget, an alternative would be in game gift cards such as Steam credits).


2. Sunglasses
Everyone wants a cool pair of sunglasses. Your safest bet is getting him a cool pair of aviators. Raybans are nice but they come at a hefty price. A cheaper substitute is a new sunglasses outlet called Owl Eyewear. The sunglasses come at a good price and they have a unique sense of style.

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3. Perfume
Is your brother in the dating scene? If so he’d appreciate good quality perfume. Okay even if he’s not, he’s going to find some use for that perfume. He’s bound to find some use for a perfume.


4. Movie box Set
I’m talking Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, heck even Twilight if you have to. If he’s a fan of movies, he would love a movie box set. The best part about movie box set is that they usually come with bonus content such as directors cut.


5. Wallet
Getting your brother a wallet for any occasion makes a great gift, especially he’s had his wallet for the longest time. You know the saying, never buy a wallet that cost more than what you’ll put in? Well now he’ll feel no remorse. A good wallet is a great investment. It could last him years, and you’ll know as many years he carries that wallet with him around he’ll always be reminded of you.