The guide to buying gifts for men is simple. They ask for one thing- the best. The code to buying anyone a gift is surprise, practicality and quality. This is why getting a gift for a spouse is a little tricky.. there are almost no surprises left! But fear not. We might still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

1. Briefcase
Just as you need a handbag, he needs his briefcase. And I’m pretty sure it’s been a while since he got a new one for himself. If he’s a more casual, a brown messenger bag would be ideal as it is more travel friendly. If he’s more formal, a sleek black briefcase would do.


2. A gift basket.
Usually a gift basket filled with food makes a pretty special gift for a husband. How often do you let him stuff his face with sinful eats? I suggest throwing in roasted nuts for snacks, some pretzels or branded potato chips. Pair it up with a bottle or two of beers (remember to chill the beers first!).


3. Cufflinks
A cufflink represents class and elegance… things you think your husband might not have. But once in a while when both of you attend events together he’d have something shiny on his sleeve.


4. Sound system upgrade.
If he hasn’t upgraded the home stereo yet, trust me, he’s still thinking about it. Unless he JUST bought himself a new one, this is the only scenario you don’t get him a new home sound system. This is a really daring gift to give. The husband clearly knows the stereos he want because he knows what’s good or not. Now you have to make sure you don’t disappoint him.


5. A gentlemanly book.
I would recommend the series of “How to” Gentleman guides by John Bridges. If your man is a little socially awkward, or doesn’t understand social queues, John Bridges might be the guy to awaken the gentleman in him. The Gentleman guide is also a gift he could pass down to his son when they are of age. These books could be found on for both digital and hard copy option.