Unless you’re a mother yourself, you never know how much nonsense a mother has to put up with. It took me a few years (and several dramatic arguments) to realise how much my mother cares. Unlike a 9 to 5 job, your mother works 24/7/365. If you’re going to give her something as a gift, a day off being a mom is probably the best gift you can get her. Check out Printcious’ top 5 gift ideas for mother.


1. Spa and ManiPadi
A full day spa on the weekend is a great gift for your mom. All she has to do is show up and get pampered from head to toe – literally! A full body massage paired with a nice soothing facial makes a much needed relaxing experience. If a full day spa is tight on your budget, opt for a manipadi day instead at her favourite nail salon. You can usually find deals for spas and madipadi’s on Groupon’s beauty section.


2. Girls night out
It’s probably been a while since your mum and her friends went on a night out together. Give your mother a night where she doesn’t have to be a mum and some time to catch up with her friends. Plus being a mother comes with some perks, bragging rights! I bet she can’t wait to tell her friends how amazing her kids are. Who are we kidding, she’s going to be complaining about having the toughest job as a mother!

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3. Facial sets
As women become mothers, stress and hard work age them drastically. They haven’t gotten the time to take care of themselves because they’ve been too preoccupied taking care of you! Thankfully man created facial products to keep women looking young and beautiful. If you had to choose, find an anti-aging formula or ask the ladies working their station for some recommendation. Remember to research what brand you mother likes before you go out and get her a set!

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4. China
The women’s goal in life is to create a beautiful home, even if that means RM100 for a designer plate. If your mum is anything like mine, she’s creating a collection of designer eating ware to show off during open houses. Nothing like watching your mum win over other kiasu aunties, am I right?


5. A vacation
If you can afford it, get your mum a flight ticket and book her a hotel room somewhere away from home. It doesn’t have to be overseas. Actually letting her travel alone overseas might be a little overwhelming for her. Somewhere like the local beaches for three days and two nights is the perfect getaway from the responsibility at home.


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