To get through your dating phase and move on to marriage isn’t easy, especially in today’s generation. If you know any two people that has learned to tolerate each other, respect and trust each other enough to be married, they deserve a pat on the back. However being married is a completely different challenge. Being married means to grow a healthy family and build a safe home together. With that in mind, to buy a gift for the bride it’s always great to get a gift that has elements of family and home. These are Printcious’ top wedding gift and present ideas for bride.

Eating utensils
Everyone’s got to eat. But the question is, how are you going to eat? With style of course. They have until the day they have their first kid to eat on fancy china and glimmering eating utensils. So why not get them something nice to dine with until then?

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House decorative
You know why photo frames make great wedding presents? Because she’s bound to put up her wedding pictures on the walls of her new home. Get her photo frames with an assortment of sizes so she could fill up her walls with little and big pictures. If you’re looking for affordable stylish photo frames, head to your nearest Ikea store.

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Home storage
Now when two people move in together for the first time, expect there to be chaos. His stuff are scattered here and her stuff is all the way over there. Managing a home can be quite troublesome. Give them a hand by getting them a home storage solutions. This could be anything from bins, boxes to little drawers.

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Cooking utensils
Long are the days where they go out and hang around to eat. Now that they’re a married couple, it’s time they both learn to cook at home. How else are you going to feed your kids in the future? Check out novelty cooking utensils to make their cooking experience a joyful one!


Bed Linen
A bed is just what everyone needs, but a beautiful bed set is what every adult woman wants. It’s a feeling of comfort and satisfaction to wake up and go to bed to a beautifully lined bed. If you’re looking for a bed set to buy as a gift, make sure it’s at least 800 thread count to ensure quality and comfort. If you’re looking for beautiful bed sets, go to your nearest Akemi store.

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