Gifts can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. They can be big or small, edible or inedible, purposeful or purposeless, etc. For your loved one be it a family member, friend, significant other or even neighbor, what type of gift will you be giving them for their special day? Food is undeniably a good gift but it doesn’t last long. Once it’s been consumed then that’s it. Decorative items for the home do look good, but asides from that they don’t seem to serve any other useful purpose.

Out of all the possible types of gifts out there, the best type of gift that is both purposeful and will last for quite some time (if properly taken care of) are clothing items and personal accessories. And so below, we have provided you with two types of custom-printed gift item ideas that can be worn comfortably and stylishly by those you hold dear and near to your heart.

1. Custom-Made Cap

In the distant past, caps were mostly worn by men. However, that is no longer the case as the men and women of today wear caps on a regular basis either for work or for personal reasons. Besides being a fashionable addition to any OOTD, they also serve the important purpose of shading one’s eyes and head from the glare cum heat of the sun. A gift with a 2-in-1 function such as this is certain to be well liked no matter who you decide to give it to.

2. Custom-Made T-Shirt

Another type of gift that won’t be refused and instead will be accepted with open arms is a custom-printed tee or a ‘his and hers’ t-shirt. This clothing item can be paired with any type of outfit style be it feminine, masculine, non-gender conforming, etc. Like the personalised cap, a custom graphic tee doesn’t just serve to make the wearer look good, it also provides protection for the skin. Even if you don’t have anyone to gift such an awesome present to, you can get a matching human tee as a gift for yourself that complements your pet’s outfit.