Team building is a necessary activity that all organisations and companies should partake in. The aim of it is to improve the performance of employees be it teamwork-wise or personal-wise usually through a company retreat. However, some companies might opt to conduct their team building somewhere in the office building as a means to save money. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where the team building is conducted, what matters is how it’s conducted for when done correctly, various benefits can be reaped through it. This will be discussed in more detail below.


  • Better Communication

Through games and activities held during team-building, your employees, as well as your head of departments (HODs) from various offices, will be able to connect and communicate with one another. This results in a better work relationship amongst your employees which in turn helps to improve their work quality as well as attitude.

  • Provides Motivation

The activities held during team building also serve to increase your employees’ confidence as through the tasks provided to them, they’ll be able to discover their strengths and learn from their weaknesses. They might even realise a new talent. As their confidence grows, so will their motivation to overcome obstacles and take on new tasks at work that was previously thought to be above their ability.

  • Stimulates Creativity

The challenging yet fun games played during team building will promote creative ideas. This is because your employees will need to think outside the box in order to solve the challenges presented to them. However, this only works if the team building games are constructed properly with the right amount of fun and challenge mixed together. Other than that, by working together with other employees from different departments, it will inspire them to breed a new way of thinking which they can bring back and apply to their work later on.

  • Increases Problem-Solving Skills

At work, anything can happen and so the employees need to be ready for it. Problem-solving activities such as solving custom jigsaw puzzle prints that display your company’s logo or mascot if you have one can help to improve their ability to plan strategically and think rationally as they’ll need to decide how they want to approach the puzzle. Will they start assembling from the middle or from the sides? You can even say that team-building activities are a good learning ground as you can take away many things from it all of which are beneficial to one’s work life.

  • Breaks Barriers

It’s an undeniable fact that there is a wall between your employees, especially between the higher-ups and the normal staff. We’re not talking about a literal wall here but of a metaphorical one. Of course, a line needs to be drawn between the two so as to facilitate a smooth working environment, but at the same time, there also needs to be a connection that’s more than just a formal one. By participating in team-building activities together where they need to wear similar custom-made t-shirts designs or personalised printed baseball caps, this invisible barrier between them can be brought down as employees and their higher-ups regard one other as work colleagues. A better relationship between the two will also result in better employee morale as they’ll no longer feel the daunting pressure of working with their boss.

At the end or even at the beginning of the team building activity, it’s a good idea to distribute care packages or unique team-building gifts to your employees. Through the practical yet stylish custom-printed gifts given to each individual, you’ll be able to show your appreciation and care in the simplest of ways.