If you grew up watching an anime about giant robots fighting, we reckon that you are familiar with this iconic Japanese anime TV series sensation, Gundam.

Took over the world by storm with millions of fans worldwide, the rise of its popularity does not stop there. More merchandise, action figurines, toys, and many more Gundam collections inspired by the TV show have entered the market providing much enjoyment to its own loyal fandom. 

That being said, there is no denying that almost every kid in the world is dying to have their own Gundam action figurines. But if you think that one’s love for Gundam will dissipate after they grow up, we beg you to think again. 

The fact is, some of the collectors are among working adults who wouldn’t mind spending a hefty amount of money to purchase their mecha figures.

Seasons change, so do Gundam Model Kits collection causing a large number of its diehard fans to lust over these collectibles. In the past, collectors or Gundam fans in Malaysia had difficulties in getting their hands on these Iconic model Kits. 

But today, with the birth of Gundam.my in 2010whether you live in the outskirt of the city or rural area, every kid now has a chance to get their own Gundam Model.

To all beloved Gundam fans out there, we know that you truly enjoy watching tutorial videos on how to build your Gundam Model Kits. Satisfy your thirst for knowledge by checking out their Youtube channel and tips about your Gundam Model Kits. 

Not only for the Gundam Model Kits, Gundam.my also has other model kits for you to check out today.

Wait, wait.

Do you think we’re finished here? Absolutely not.

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