Father’s day is more than just a celebration in Singapore. It is the best day to honour and show your appreciation towards your father. Besides your mother, your father is an important person in your life that illuminates your life with his guidance and wisdom.

What can be the coolest way to thank your dad for all the hard work he has done for the family? That being said, Father’s day is coming up and you might struggle to find an awesome gift for your dad.

That being said, with Father’s Day coming up; we’re giving you a few ideas on how you can cherish him with a gift that is equally special as he is.

Read more to find out the best gift ideas for your father on this Father’s Day

#1 Cool clothes for cool dad

Dear dad,
Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation.
I know you love cool and comfy outfits.

With love,
Your Daughter

You might notice that your dad may need a new set of clothes. Gift him something that you may find might intrigue his interest.

#2 BBQ set for your dad

It will be pleasant to see your father enjoying his holiday with friends in the backyard having a barbeque and chilled beer. Barbeque set can be another way of complementing your dad on his day. Your family get-together will be fun as your father makes some yummy barbeque for all of you while you are enjoying taking photos and dancing.

#3 Creative gift for awesome dad

Do you wish to gift your father something personalised in a form of gift? If unique is what you’re searching for; then we have just the right suggestion to you.
Present your father with something fun and exciting by presenting him a customised gift.

Some of the items that you could gift him include:
1. Photo t-shirt printed with your dad’s picture
2. Luggage tag embedded with your sincere wish
3. Personalised cushion with motivational quote to cheer him up

Wondering as to how you can acquire this custom gift and where to get them?

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Throwing a party on Father’s Day and on a hunt for a perfect gift item for the party? Your guests will surely appreciate a custom-made button badge as it can be personalised to suit the party and as a memorable memento for your guests to take home.

Let’s celebrate this Father’s Day with a precious gift from your heart and we believe that any gift is just a gift but if you crafted it with such desire and adoration, it will turn out to be a gift worth remembering forever.