Are you expecting your first child? Congratulations! We know how exciting and thrilling it can be, not to mention the state of euphoria that you are in. Children are a great gift from God and it is important for parents to care for them with love and affection. So, how about some useful insights to help you along your parental journey?

Dear expecting parents, have you heard about Antenatal Class? If you haven’t, we will give you a few reasons as to why you should attend one. Antenatal class is a class that prepares parents for the birth of their child and provides parents with the right guide and information to care for their baby.


Not many Malaysian parents are aware of the existence of this class but trust us when we say that you will benefit so much from it.

Want to join the class but do not know how? How about participating in ParentCraft Class? It does not only provide you with the information that you need but you will also get the chance to ask questions from the Antenatal care experts. Let’s watch the video for more information.

3 reasons why you should attend Antenatal Class

1. Guiding you in the delivery processes and procedures

For any new parents, the labor and delivery process can be an overwhelming experience, by attending this class, you will learn from the experts on how to overcome it and how to prepare yourself for the journey.

2. Information about pregnancy and baby nutrition


Pregnancy is a crucial time for both mother and baby as they require important nutrients which will help to ensure the baby’s healthy growth. Through the class, you will be provided with necessary guides regarding a balanced diet plan for moms and necessary knowledge concerning baby nutrition.  

3. Pilates Class for moms (expectant or not)

Pilates class! We hope that this gets you excited! Yes, that’s right. Attend a Pilates class with a certified Pilates instructor and we assure you that it is going to be fun, fun, fun all the way.

But that is not all, dear parents. There is so much more to this than meets the eye. You get to mingle with the other new parents and bond with them! Never underestimate the importance of peers in giving you strength and support when you need it the most.


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