Printcious is our way of enabling you to share your passions, musings, interests and overall wittiness with the public as well as your friends and family.

After copious amounts of thought and hard work put into it Vincent & Henry Tong, twin brothers and founders of Printcious, set the wheels in motion for their brainchild simply because they wanted to provide a platform for customizable gifts which are affordable, functional and, most importantly, memorable; all in a convenient fashion.


Printcious, an online business-to-customer (B2C) platform, was launched in early October 2015 and has been rapidly expanding ever since. Along with maintaining an online based gift shop where customers can personalize their gifts, Printcious will also begin to accommodate designers on its up-and-coming Designer Marketplace where artists, both professional and amateur, may sell their artwork which we will reproduce and print onto our novelty products that range from T-shirts and mugs to phone cases and ceramic tiles. All designers can be sure to earn a profit from the sales of their work!

Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Klang town in Selangor, Printcious’ headquarters is easily accessible especially to customers who would rather opt for a cash-on-delivery (COD) transaction.

Purchasing a gift is effortless, painless and can be accomplished in four simple steps. First all you have to do is choose a gift category (be it button badges, cushions or any one of our available products). Then customize it with an image or text of your desire and you’re halfway there already. Once you’re satisfied with how your gift looks, you should proceed to make your payment and now all that’s left to do is to wait for your gift to arrive at your doorstep. Easy as pie!

What’s even easier is being a designer on Printcious’ designer program which we’ll be launching in June 2016. It will prove to be a wonderful platform whereby local artistic talents will be able to design and upload their artwork to the Designer Marketplace for commercial use. The best part of all is that designers and artists will receive a royalty payment for every time a customer purchases a gift with their art printed on it.

The Designer Marketplace is created to empower creative artists such as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers as well as doodlers to showcase and sell their artwork in a no-risk environment. Designers will no longer need to worry about minimum print orders, storage space or delivery issues. Printcious takes care of this for free. All they have to do is set a selling price, promote their art and get paid when people buy their prints.

Being participants of MaGIC (Malaysia Global Innovation Centre) Accelerator Program, Vincent and Henry were able to apply their new knowledge to grow and improve their business models and ideas considerably as well as produce a dynamic avenue to create personalised gifts. Since Printcious was launched, the brothers Tong have remained fully involved in all aspects of the business and has channeled its growth to becoming one of the top mail order gift companies in Southeast Asia.

Find out more at printcious.com