Why are you still so calm? So many things are going to change in the world and we won’t ever be ready! *Hint* recent election result *hint*

That’s why we’ve compiled these gift inspiration for you. Tell the world to always be on their feet with these gifts. Let’s freak out together!

1. I Can’t Keep Calm


There are many reasons to freak and being a daddy is always one of it! Tell the world you’re expecting your first child with these gifts you can gift yourself with. Give these to your friends that are going to be fathers soon.

If you’d like to purchase the cushion, go here. If you’d like to purchase the mug, click here.

2. Don’t Keep Calm Starter¬†Pack


It’s your birthday party! Freak out, go all out. Keeping calm is not an option when you’re one year older. That’s why you need to customise your starter pack now right here!

3. I Won’t Be Calm


Can’t nobody stop me! I ain’t calming down! I have kept calm for a long time and I am no longer satisfied with just keeping calm. I need to freak out now and let everyone know about it! And I’m going to get my gifts from Printcious.com now!