Cool Gift for Cool Guy

He is on his rebellious age. Surely he doesn’t want anything to be passive or ordinary-looking. He tends to act cool. You will need to get his attention with super awesome looking products. Most importantly, he is a teenager. You won’t want to give him girlish things because that will incite his spitefulness towards you.

Parents with kids or couples at the age of 13 to 19 tend to having trouble when they want to present a gift to the teenage guy. Teenage guys at these ages want to look cool, mature and smart. Despite these, they are still having a childish mentality.

Guy’s Mentality and Behaviour

Psychology 101: We need to understand the guy’s’ behaviour and mentality. Guys will always be guys. Good thing you are reading this because you don’t have to do all the research by yourself because has sorted out for you! Let us bring you through a series of cool gifts that we deem reasonable and suitable for the teenage guys.

Do note that this is a top 10 ranking list from and therefore the products in this list are not in particular orders.

10. Nerf Guns

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Teenagers, especially guys love actions. When it comes to action, what is better than a full war-torn battle between teenage guys and their “military weapons”. Nerf gun is not just a toy, it is more than that. Studies show that “nerf gun war” actually promotes teamwork, leadership, competition and focus among teenagers. This is all not a bad thing where teenagers can learn to develop themselves to be more organized and disciplined advancing towards their adulthood.

What do we like about it: It is a very easily obtainable in various toy shops. While it is certainly not cheap, the value it brought about to teenagers triumph over the price!

9. Shoes

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Remember when we were teenagers and we did not have all those fancy items around us, we tend to love more of fashionable items. This holds true from 90s until current modern era. Guys love shoes. Especially shoes that look trendy, energetic and young. Shoes are one of the top cool gifts that could be given to guys, regardless of their age.

What do we like about it: It is simple yet fashionable. It certainly has the cool factor that teenage guys love about it. Highly recommended for those out-going guys.

8. T-Shirts

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What compliments best with shoes? I’ll give you 10 seconds to look around. Still not sure about it? Well it’s the T-shirt! Guess what is better than just an ordinary T-shirt? A T-shirt that is customizable with whatever design you want – be it with text or graphics! PS: Take a look and try to guess the hidden message behind this T-shirt.

What do we like about it: What more can we say? It is a cool looking and fashionable item. What’s more than that is when you are able to customize the shirt’s design to suit the his personality.

7. Model Toys

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Admit it, every guy who sees this will go wild – just like how girls perceive cosmetics. Of course it is not limited to just Gundam models only as it could be any toy model! Toys are guys’ best friends and childhood memories – cartoon characters, anime, movie characters, artists, vehicles, buildings and more. Want to make a teenage guy happy? Get him one of his favourite toy models and you’ll see his surprise-yet-happy face.

What do we like about it: A guy’s favourite. No doubt it couldn’t be missed as it exists almost in every list you can find. Pure excitement for guys.

6. Headphones

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How could we miss out the awesome headphone? It is not only a communication device for gaming purpose, but it could be for your own personal moment – listening to music through your smartphones, iPods, etc without distractions from outer world. Whether it is on the railway train, sports, travelling, gaming or gym, you’ll most like to see guys with this. It is lightweight, portable and most importantly looking cool.

What do we like about it: If you’re looking for an inexpensive electronic product gift for teenage guy, consider this as it suits all the empathy needs that a guy want.

5. Customizable Mouse Pad

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Guys spend most of their time on games especially computer games. Their standard for an enjoyable gaming experience would be higher. They want to have smooth gaming experience without any hindrance from internet connectivity – to mouse movement speed. A mouse pad is highly considered as a cool gift for cool gamers to improve their gaming experience. Moreover, if you can customize the mouse pad to their favourite games – DotA 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and etc they would appreciate that even more!

What do we like about it: A simple and inexpensive gift for teenage guys – especially gamers. A great companion for smoother gaming experience for them!
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4. LEGO Bricks

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This Danish company spans a long history of more than 80 years in plastic toy bricks manufacturing and has become a well-known brand in all the kids’ hearts. LEGO is one of the toys that could make anyone goes wild. It’s encouraging man to be creative and unlock their imaginative potential. Not to mention its end results is definitely a cool-looking one and easily one of the best gifts to have.

What do we like about it: Everything. We just love everything about LEGO because it is our childhood’s companion. More to that, it could potentially the best cool gift for teenage guys.

3. Men Watch

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Shoes, T-shirt and caps. What else do you miss for the cool kid? That’s right, a cool watch. It is an amazing gift for teenage guy who is going forward their teenager’s life. This timepiece is a symbol of style, an assertion of “inner man”. It is truly a masterpiece that holds more values than it looks.

What do we like about it: It tells more than just time. Every teenage guy should have a watch as a representative of him growing up to become a man.

2. Bikes

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Besides than toys, guys do like mechanical things as well. A mountain bike as gift would allow them to go for outdoor activities more often, rather than just staying at home everyday. It also encourages them to take on adventures and involves more in sports activities. For teenagers who don’t have a driving license yet, the thrill of dashing through the roads with bikes are just undeniably fun and cool.

What do we like about it: Definitely a cool “transportation” for guys who can’t own a motorcycle but at the same time feel like riding one.

1. Photo Gifts

Cool Gifts for Teenage Guys

Cool Gifts for Teenage Guys

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If you’re thinking that guys always look tough and cool and they won’t appreciate gifts with emotional elements, the chances are you’re probably half wrong. In their inner hearts, they are quite emotional but they are not very expressive. Photo gifts are best for them – to create memories, to show that you care for them. Be it printed on cushions, puzzles, mugs, mouse pads and other items. When they see the photo printed on the gifts deep in their hearts they will be touched and appreciate towards you. They might say things otherwise rather than a simple “Thank you!” but you know they mean it!

What we like about it: Photo gifts are unique. Certainly, it is unmeasurable by monetary value and couldn’t be destroyed because memories will always be unique and eternal.

He stores tons of photo to reminisce every moments. Let’ transform these memories into a memorabilia that he can appreciate for years by by sending him a photobook in Singapore or wherever he lives.


Being stuck in the process of brainstorming is painful. We all have been through that. Hopefully this list will help to lessen your thoughts when considering a cool gift for teenage guy. Tell us about your own top 10 cool gifts. Leave a comment at the comment section below!