We’ve talked, well, not really talk but written about the ‘Best 3 World-Famous Asian Movies’ as well as the ‘Top 3 Hyun Bin Dramas’ you should watch. Now, we’ll be covering Korean variety programmes. After much research which wasn’t really that difficult to be honest as we had loads of fun watching the shows, we’ve managed to come up with the best three k-variety shows that’ll bring laughter, joy, and perhaps useful knowledge too.

1. Running Man (2010)

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If you’re new to Korean variety shows then you should definitely pop your k-variety show cherry by watching ‘Running Man’. This programme which is categorised as a game-variety show is one of the top variety shows not just amongst Korean viewers but also amongst international ones too. The first episode was released in July 2010 and the show is still running strong today. That’s ten years of top-notch Korean variety.

To last this long means that it has managed to stay relevant and most importantly entertaining for the viewers. Since ten years is by no means a short period of time, of course there have been many changes made to the programme. From the change in game format, production directors, original cast, and lots more. However, due to those changes (good or bad), they’ve managed to evolve with the times and have successfully cemented themselves as one of the most beloved variety shows of all time.

If what we’ve written here wasn’t enough to convince you to start watching it then maybe the presence of your favourite K-pop idols, actors, or celebrities will. Throughout the years, this programme has featured numerous Korean celebrities among which include popular idol groups such as Exo, BTS, Girls’ Generation, and trending celebrities like Lee Dong Wook of the hit Korean Drama ‘Goblin’ (2016), Son Ye Jin from the recently finished drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ (2020) as well as Park Seo Joon who’s currently starring in ‘Itaewon Class’ (2020).

2. Law of the Jungle (2011)

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Another popular Korean variety show you should not miss out on is ‘Law of the Jungle’. Although it’s categorised as a reality-documentary show, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch. We know that documentaries have a bad rap of being boring as it’s too serious. Nonetheless, that’s certainly not the case for this Korean TV programme. It mixes documentary-like scenes that introduce the viewers to the beauty of surrounding nature which includes flora and fauna as well as incorporating the fun element of variety.

The main cast consists of Korean comedians, actors, actresses, and other well-known celebrities. As for the visiting guests that star for several episodes of the show, they are often comprised of currently trending Korean celebrities such as K-pop idol singers like Jeongyeon (Twice) and Jaehyun (NCT). The first episode of this SBS variety show was aired in October 2011. Thus, to date, this TV show has been running for nine years. Just like ‘Running Man’, the popularity of the show remains strong despite the various issues it has faced in the past.

3. I Can See Your Voice (2015)

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Korean variety shows come in all forms. Where ‘Running Man’ has a game-variety format and ‘Law of the Jungle’ has a reality-documentary format, ‘I Can See Your Voice’ is of the TV music game show form. If you’re a fan of ‘I Can See Your Voice Malaysia’, then you’ll without a doubt be a fan of this Korean TV show as the Malaysian version of it was adapted from the Korean one which originally aired in February 2015.

Due to its successful run in South Korea, this TV programme has now been adapted in various countries worldwide. To name a few, ‘I Can See Your Voice Indonesia’, ‘I Can See Your Voice Thailand’, and ‘Hidden Voices’ (Vietnam). The show is hosted by three well-known celebrities, the current ones being Kim Jong-Kook, Leeteuk (Super Junior), and Yoo Se-Yoon. The participants of the show include a panel of celebrity guests who help the main guest(s) of the show, also a celebrity, to guess who amongst the contestants (ordinary people and currently active celebs) is a skilled singer.

Many Korean singers and idols such as Gummy, Super Junior, and Mamamoo guested on the show yet not many of them were successful in guessing who the skilled singer is. It’s entertaining to see them guess and either fail or succeed. So, if you enjoy listening to talented singers and also laughing at tone-deaf singers, then this is the Korean variety show for you.

We’ve provided you with three very different Korean variety programmes each with their own charm, focus, and format. Now, it’s up to you to choose the show that you like the best, though we’re of the opinion that all of them are awesome. A word of caution, once you start it’s hard to stop. Therefore, if you don’t mind being stuck on a particular show or programme, then dive right in. Oh, before you go ahead and do so, don’t forget to check out our online gift store for amazing deals and promotions on all of our custom-made gift items.

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