A common way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. You’re still unsure as to what being an affiliate means then let me tell you. Being a Printcious affiliate is a surefire way of making some extra cash on the side. Head on over to our previous entry which will tell you exactly how you can make money as a Printcious affiliate.

Once you’ve got all that down and joined our affiliate program, let’s take a look at how you can catapult your profit from minimum to optimum. So here are some tips on becoming a successful Printcious affiliate.

How you can promote your Printcious affiliation
Anyone can be a Printcious affiliate but the only way to make sure you receive the clicks you need is through your social media whether it may be through blogs, websites, e-mail newsletters or even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One way to get attention is to write up a killer review because nothing beats a killer review post about a product or brand!

This is how it works in a few simple steps:

  1. Once you have your social media platform all set up, you should start with a promotion of your affiliation with Printcious. This can be done in various ways such as recommending our products to your followers or mentioning us in your newsletters.

  2. If you know your targeted audience isn’t much of a reader, then let our banners speak for themselves. You might do this by placing our Printcious button or banner ad somewhere visible on your site.

  3. Now, DON’T FORGET to include a special link to our Printcious products and services so followers can check it out for themselves. (Hint: This is how you make money.)

  4. Once a follower uses your affiliate link to check out our products and decide to purchase something, you earn a commission.

  5. You will receive a payout of your accumulated earnings when your earnings have reached a minimum of RM50.

How you can increase and redirect traffic to your website to encourage purchases at Printcious via your unique banner URL

  1. Create meaningful content: This means to progressively and continuously produce relatable and valuable content on your website so that people will naturally want to get to know more and visit more often.

  2. Be active on your social media: Get active on social media platforms and never miss an organic opportunity to share your affiliation with Printcious. And if you can, hang out where and when your target audience hangs out. All that effort will make promoting all that easier.

  3. Be sure to link to your website from your social media: This means exactly what it says; remember to make your website accessible to the public to increase traffic on your blog and consequently increase the usage of your Printcious affiliation link.


  4. Placement of links on your media: Facebook is an amazing platform for increasing your traffic but it has a nasty habit of cutting you off as you’re just beginning to get into the juicy bits.

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    So, to work around that you should place the URL further up in the text so that it doesn’t get buried or worse, require an extra click! If YouTube is your platform of choice, you best be aware of the same nasty habit it cultivates.

  5. Build relationships with your fans and followers: You can build your traffic by getting friends and family to share and promote but that will only get you so far. So rather than sitting back and waiting for shares, be willing to step out and make connections. You could also attend IRL (in-real-life) events such as conferences, workshops or even meetups. It goes beyond just basic traffic-building. Networking can be a major turning point for your website and as a result, you’ll get more clicks on your affiliate banners.

Reap the benefits of being a Printcious affiliate
Being a Printcious affiliate means that from time to time, you will get you will get opportunities to review our gift ideas for different occasions that will garner responses and clicks during the event. Our upcoming events include but are not limited to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parents’ Day and Teacher’s Day. (For every approved review, an affiliate will receive RM10-RM50.)

Affiliates will also receive exclusive deals and promotions as well as real time reports.

Things to remember that will help you become a successful Printcious affiliate
Experiment, experiment, experiment! Experiment with the placement of your Printcious banner. Choose a size that will complement your blog or website layout.

Try out different social networks; different networks will help you expand your traffic reach. You might also want to change up the types of content you put up once in a while; stale news is old news. See which works better with your audience in the timeless battle of text links vs. images.

Sometimes there are vast differences in earnings when small changes are made.