It’s never easy getting something customised for your boyfriend. You want to get him something personal but guys are more materialistic than you think. They always want an upgrade of something they already have, like a new gadget or a better accessory for their games. When you think about it, they almost have no use for custom made birthday gifts. This is where Printcious comes in. We provide customised gift solutions and this are our top five list of birthday gift and present ideas for boyfriend.

1. Mini Tee
Customised mini tees makes a great statement accessory for his car. You can print his favourite team, his favourite slogan or logos of games or companies he likes. Otherwise, check out this “Sorry I’m Strongman”.


2. Mug
Everyone drinks every day. To have something personalised and is just for him to have makes that morning coffee a little bit more special. Let him have a sip of his favourite coffee in his own “Escape Reality and Play Games” customised mug, for a gamer boyfriend. If you need a gift for a programmer boyfriend, “Give Me a Break” might just be the mug for you.


3. Puzzle
You might think puzzles are for children, but they make quit entertaining décor. If you creatively upload a message that he has to literally put together, it becomes an exciting activity of revealing your romantic message. If you don’t have a clue of what to give him, try this “You Are Amazing” customised puzzle.


4. Phone case
Everyone needs a phone case, and if your boyfriend doesn’t, get him one! Makes no sense to buy an expensive phone only to not protect it. And if he never got one because he never saw one he likes? Printcious has multiple choices of custom phone cases to choose from. See this “My Black Owl” design for the edgy feel or this “Modern Marble Texture” design for a classy finished look.


5. T-shirt
Guys are gonna wear t-shirts. It’s like the only thing they’ll wear and I don’t judge them. It’s affordable, it’s simple and it’s comfortable. The trick is finding a t-shirt that they’ll wear so they won’t keep it in the pile of other t-shirts their mom got them. Printcious has over 2 thousand t-shirts to choose from, you’re bound to find something he likes. If he’s an engineer, he might find this “Trust Me I’m an Engineer Just Assume I’m Never Wrong” shirt might give him a good laugh. If he’s a workout junkie, get him this “Don’t Talk, ACT” custom t-shirt.