Birthdays are special. They only come once in a year and you can only turn a certain age once. Just like birthdays, why shouldn’t gifts be just as unique? Your girl deserves the best during her birthday. Personalised gifts are special not only because it’s unique, but also because you put in the effort of making it. A lot of people are intimidated by making a gift afraid that they might mess up in the process. That’s where Printcious comes in. You come up with the design, and we’ll custom print it for you. If you don’t know what designs you want, check out these ready designs that you like or inspire you.

1. Phone case
Phone cases are very personal and yet a very convenient gift. Girls love accessorising, be it necklace, earrings or phone cases. The more phone cases she has, the easier it is for her to match her outfit. Although I would recommend getting a couple phone case to match hers to show her your unity. Check out this “Owl Couple Sitting on Branch” and “Male Owl Couple Sitting on Branch” couple phone case. It’s cute, minimal and both for her and him!


2. Cushion
Cushions, like teddy bears are nice to hug and sends a sweet message. Customise your cushion to say something sweet or even upload your couple picture on it. When you’re gone and away, she can hold on to the cushion as a substitute to your embrace. If she’s the stylish, maybe she would prefer a cushion that has an urban motivational font on it. Check out this couple “Together” and “Since” custom cushion.


3. Mouse pad
Good looking mouse pads are hard to come by. They’re either gaming mouse pads or tacky looking mouse pads that you see in computer stores. The nightmare is over and Printcious provides you the accessibility of creating your own mouse pad. When getting a customised mouse pad for her, think about what style she likes, chic or cute? Check out Printcious’ “The Ring Love” and “Simple Love Typography” design.

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4. T-shirt
When I ask my guy friends when they think their girlfriend look most beautiful, and they always reply with an oversized t-shirt paired with shorts at home. They believe when their girlfriend are at their most natural state they’re at their best. If you share the same belief, check out our “Cute Panda Head” and “Panda With Ribbon” couple t-shirt. Now both of you can match your baggy home t-shirts! Or wear them outside proudly, that works just as well.


5. Ceramic Tile
Unlike photo frames, ceramic tiles don’t fold nor does it decay like paper. It is fragile, but like love if you look after it, it’ll be just fine. Ceramic tiles make beautiful décor for the room. You could use urban designs like this “Happy Birthday Wishing and Love” custom ceramic tile, or  stack a few of these “Vine Pattern” and stick it on the walls to create a mural like they used to in Egypt. If it’s good enough for Cleopetra, it shold be perfect for your girlfriend!

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