Do you know why personalised gifts are special? It shows that you cared enough to customise a gift to her. It shows you know what she likes and what she don’t. When you’re comfortable and married for a while, you tend to take each other for granted and the magic is lost. So shake things up her next birthday and get her one of Printcious’ top custom birthday gift for wife.

1. Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles were used as decoration a long time ago. The style dated back to ancient Egypt and the decorative style has been less popular since. We’re trying to bring this classing style back with a modern twist. Check out our “Happy Birthday Wish” customised ceramic tile for your wife’s desk or her bedside table. Remember to insert her name on the editable design!


2. Mugs
What I loved watching as a kid was my mum and dad sharing a pot of coffee at the dining table before work. It was a tradition that they both shared. If you and your wife love sharing a cup of coffee together, it’s only logical to get her a customised birthday mug. Check out our “Happy Birthday” mug. Present it to her on the morning of her birthday with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. And why not breakfast to boot?


3. Cushion
As the home maker of the family, it’s your wife’s responsibility to take care of it. But once in a while, why not give her a helping hand? Pick up some home decors that she’s been eyeing and show that you care about the home just as much as she does. If you don’t know what to get her, try this “Happy Birthday wih Flower” custom cushion. You can place it on the sofa and even the bed!


4. T-shirt
Let everyone know it’s her birthday today by getting her this “Keep Calm It’s My Birthday” t-shirt. Give it to her in the beginning of the day and let her go about her day with it on. This design makes a cute statement t-shirt! But remember to wash it first before you make her wear it.


5. Mini Tees
Make sure you show your wife that you didn’t forget her birthday by putting birthday wishes everywhere, even her car! Surprise her by placing this “Birthday Sign” customised mini tee in her car window.



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