Unique gifts guy and girls would love under $20

Giving gifts is normal, I mean everyone loves gift. But what makes giving gifts difficult is the variety of choices and multiple special occasions in Australia that we have. It is even difficult when the prices are not cheap as well. You wouldn’t want to buy gifts that you’ve given the last Christmas don’t you?


Don’t worry. We got your back covered. Now we’re going to be introducing a few gifts for any occasion: birthday, holiday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Christmas that pretty much every person on Earth would like. What’s even better? They are all under $20 and most importantly they are unique!


What is unique?

The general idea for the term “unique” we have for you is the ability to “customize”. We believe that customization is the key for the one and only unique gift. So the following is a list of gifts that we think is viable for men and women in Australia. Heck, they can even be viable to people worldwide!


1. Colour Mugs



Simple, unique and colourful. That’s what you should get for your friend when you’re running out of ideas. What’s more to that is that when you can even customize the mug by putting in your desire pictures, texts or combination of both!


2. Magic Mugs



It looks pretty simple but it is actually quite unique in the sense that when hot beverage is added in the mug, the color will change to reveal the hidden picture. Imagine your friend who receives this mug and they use it without knowing it. They will be surprised by the hidden picture that you customize for them. Now that’s magical!


3. Graphic T-Shirts



We all know this is a very common gift so how do you make it unique? You customize it to the designs you like! Getting tired of the designs from other stores? You are your own designer now! Make T-shirts for him or for her during special occasions as anniversary gift or birthday gift.


4. Cushions or Throw Pillows



Men and women spent most of their times in working in office. To compensate the fatigueness and tiredness of sitting for long hours, why not giving them some cushions? This will make their working smoother and ease their back pain. Not only that, you can even print your companion onto it and pretend like you’re hugging him or her. *It is not creepy, it is called love!*


5. Jigsaw Puzzles



Make them spend their time wisely during weekends by assembling the puzzles. To make it even more interesting, you can customize a super special puzzle for them with special memories between you guys. Make them appreciate the time they spent together with you, and of course the time spent on assembling the puzzle!


6. Mouse Pads



It may look like a nerdy item as a gift, but in fact it is not. Everyone could use for a mouse pad. It is the companion to your mouse for daily work or entertainment. Choose a design that suits well to one’s personality, be it some designs for gamers or some encouraging quotes for men and women in work.


7. Phone Cases



Personally everyone loves to decorate their phone with phone cases. So you can’t go wrong if you buy someone a phone case customized to their own preferred design. Yup, it is truly an awesome gift for guy who likes customization!


8. Ceramic Tiles



Think out of the box, you can even give out a ceramic tile as an unique gift. Customize the ceramic tile with your desired artwork now and put it in your bedroom or living room as a piece of artwork.


9. Canvas



Feeling like adding some photo canvases in your living room but don’t have idea on the designs? Why not create the design yourself? It could be anything, from inspiring quotes, movies, arts, figures to family, you can design be your own “painter” now!


10. Luggage Tags



Sometimes we will be easily be mixed up with our luggage bags. This happens all the time! Make the luggage bag special and recognizable by adding a luggage tag onto it. On top of that, you can even design the luggage tag with names and designs that you truly want!


What are you waiting for? There are more than 10 unique products that you can design online and get it offline. Design yours now!